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Walden Ridge is the great ridge farthest to the west. She rises strong and proud into the skies and can be seen from Black Oak even over the top of Pine Ridge. 'Away on the top of the mountain', as the old song puts it, there's an old, old rock on top of Walden (not Rocky Top, but close...). A dear friend of mine, who still lives in the city of the Ridges, told me once that if you hike 'way up Walden and find that old rock, you'll see a carving that memorializes a legendary beast that dwells there: The Lomesome Polecat (and that's not a typo). What is lomesome? Only the Polecat knows...


Walden is the gateway, if you want to leave, because to get to the outside, you have to climb Walden ...


Forty Years Ago ... we took our first baby step into space.
Yuri Gagarin -- truly a hero of our times.

y ddraig goch
dilbert zone
The Tangled Bank
now *this* is a mean bird
those eyes!
Danger Mouse
bad science
Buttercup! PPG!
catspaw nebula


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