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A Few 'Language Miniatures'

These are few of the many essays to be found at the Language Miniatures web site and reposted by permission here. They are written by William Z. Shetter, a retired university professor of foreign language and linguistics. I recommend all of them, highly. My presentation of a few of them here is meant to whet your appetite for the real site, nearly 150 little gems. The ones I've selected focus on how English functions (with the exception of 121, which shows how English doesn't do something other languages do); the web site ranges far afield from that.


  • No. 1 - A Bonehead's Headbone: Noun compounds give a lot of bang for the buck
  • No. 8 - Is Silence Being Golden?: Our English progressive is difficult
  • No. 11 - And What's All This?: 'What a word means' is not all that simple
  • No. 17 - It Really IS Time you Thought: Of the present, the past and the future
  • No. 19 - British Left Waffles on Falklands: Why do some headlines sound so funny?
  • No. 23 - The Commonest Word in the Language: The social role of the word 'the'
  • No. 33 - Understand You Not These Words?: What 400 years can do in a language
  • No. 121- Are You Reading This?: Imperfective and Perfective aspect
  • No. 134 - The Orange Juice Seat: Or, the role of context in making sense

    All essays Copyright 1998-2004 by William Z. Shetter
    Go to Language Miniatures at http://home.bluemarble.net/~langmin/index.html

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