Welcome to Pellissippi Parkway's Look at Wordsmithing, however inadvertent

Sometimes, a wrong word can actually work. Or at least seem to.

Here's one sent me by a friend:

I found this in a cat email list...
"Because of the strength of her previous heats, I was told by my vet to breed her on her next heat. Well, I didn't. She got pyro and died because I faultered."

Faultered? A stronger version, including a sense of guilt, for "faltered".

Another one from the same friend...
"I commend Tammy for her values in this matter. There is so much myth, rumor and phalicy among breeders."

"Phalicy among breeders"? Ouch. Talk about your Freudianisms....

And here's a nice one:

"I know someone who works for a big racetrack. They change their computers every year for security reasons. The one year old computers are given away with basic software still in tack."

Of course, a racetrack's computers would have software "in tack", eh?

And here's one from a bulletin board discussing telecommuting:

I like working at my on pace and being able to take a class from home is great.
As opposed to working at his "off" pace?

Now this one's not really the same thing, it's more of a Freudian slip, but I like it:

> I hope I will meet someone else from Crossville who is just as punctual as I stress to be, to car pool with.
Boy, being punctual and making those car pools can indeed be stressful...

And here's a neat one from a mailing list:

Do these Nostradamus supporters have any conscious at all???
I have often wondered the same thing.... (boldface added by me.)

Here are some sent me by a reader:

I was in a meeting where there was very passionate discussion going on, one woman repeatedly demanded: "I want pacific examples of what you are saying". Evidently she wanted an ocean of information.

There is a local radio station here in Maine that has an affinity for the mangled sentence and non-sequiters. One of my favorite news stories was: "The smoke is still heavy from the car wreck in the air". Must have been quite an accident.

Once they were talking about a huge yard sale that had "Africans for sale". I hope they meant afghans, but we will never know.

Here's another, from a comment on Kitzmiller (the Dover trial) though it's all over the net:
The judge ruled that they lied. Any competent prosecutor could have used that to charge them with purgery.


Got an example for a newly-smithed word? Send it to me -- kmdavisus AT yahoo dot com -- and I'll add it.


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