Proschay, Mir!

Mir This was our first home away from earth... Mir
It's a very sad thing, watching Mir go down. They had some troubles towards the end, but for the longest time it was our (meaning humanity's) only serious investment in space. No "run for the moon and come back with the glory" on Mir, just serious living and working in space.

"For ten years you had a human in space anytime you looked up into the sky."

That's the dream, remember?

Mir Flares Farewell - Paulo Raymundo's touching photograph of Mir's end and Hubble's farewell.... (from the Archives at Astronomy Photo of the Day).

Here are some other people's thoughts on the end of Mir...

Andrew Chaikin: Requiem for a Heavyweight's Mir Archive

Cosmonauts Remember

Film footage of Mir's fiery end


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