Welcome to Little Pine Ridge

This little ridge lies between the big ridges Chestnut and Black Oak. I went to two elementary schools here, and one of them, Pine Valley, actually nestled against the flank of Little Pine Ridge. It was oldish (it's now the admin building), but big, and had a huge playground that was bordered by woods and kudzu. I was here (4th grade, Ms White) when JFK was shot (you never do forget). And it was here I learned that teachers aren't infallible. A kid in my 6th grade class (teacher's name withheld) gave an eloquent oral book review of Charlotte's Web . Except, he didn't. He just made it up. And the teacher never noticed! Or else didn't care. Wooooooooo! What a lesson! Still, I think I made it through okay, with the help of people like these (even though I met some of these writers long after elementary school, they all are poets I go back to time and again, for rejuvenation and reaffirmation as much as knowledge):


Below are complete listings for:

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image: treeRudyard Kipling: still one of my favorite poets and authors (and if you only know The Jungle Book from Disney, you don't know it! Read it, or at least get the Alexander Korda movie with Sabu!)

image: treeEdna St. Vincent Millay: a beautiful, powerful writer. Her "First Fig" was one of the first poems I ever memorized.

image: tree Robert Frost: His spare yet lovely language, and his enduring images, are among my favorites. Much of his better work is too long to include here: seek him out.

image: treeG.K. Chesterton: usually playful and light, but occasionally solemn and fey

image: treeOgden Nash: everyone knows his funny stuff, but he can also write with poignancy and vividness

image: tree Sappho: the Tenth Muse; even her fragments reveal the depths of love... all sorts of love

image: tree Robert Nathan some sonnets and shorter poems by a little-read poet

image: tree Poems from Tolkien's Rohan: (mostly) alliterative verse that I've always loved

image: tree Gerard Manley Hopkins: his 'sprung' verse is odd, beautiful, and indelible

image: tree Chinese Poetry: lingering images of rare beauty

image: tree Thomas Wolfe: deeply rhythmical, strongly cadenced... definitely poetry

image: treeRobert Burns: he celebrates our people in their triumphs and tragedies, both great and small

image: tree Poems and Excerpts by Several Poets a potpourri of words that stick with me

image: tree Russian and Ukrainian: in translations or transliterated originals, including


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