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Tribute to the Firefighters, EMTs, and Police Officers of New York


"Up Into The Building"

As the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center burned, firefighters and emergency medical technicians ran, as they always do, towards the danger. These men and women—brave is too commonplace a word for them—strove, as they always do, to save the innocent placed in such deadly jeopardy, disregarding the jeopardy in which that behavior places them. The toll in New York City of firefighters and EMTs is staggering: over 300 died because they ran into harm's way to save others.

This quote says it all, really:
A man who was describing making his way down the stairs from the 67th floor of the North Tower:
"And then when we got to around the 35th floor we had to move over for the firefighters. I mean, we were all trying to get out, and here they came, up into the building."

There are no words, but I offer these anyway:


To the Firefighters, Emergency Medical Technicians, and Police Officers
of New York City:
May whatever Powers you believe in hold you safe in Their care
as we will hold you in our hearts always


Here are some of the stories:
The words aren't enough... so here are Pictures of the Firefighters, the EMTs, the Police ... and of Their Job

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