Welcome to Emory Valley

Emory Valley lies on the eastern edge of the city, and the Clinch River runs through it. You can see Jake Butcher's mansions across the river... 'course, you can't see old Jake anymore, he's long gone. But somebody bought 'em. There's some fly fishing here, and there are trout, and bass, and crappies, and even cats (catfish, that is). My brother even killed a mud-shad with an arrow once; as you might guess from the name, it was not good eating. There's international-level, Olympic-calibre rowing out by the marina. And coal barges. So there's really no telling what might turn up in the Valley.

These pages are a mixed bag. A couple of new structures, and a lot of little things. Enjoy!


Emory Vally Agnostic Chapel
Emory Valley's Bits and Bobs
The Center for Magic and Math
The Center for Evolutionary Studies


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