Pine Valley

Poems by Bashô

near the brushwood gate
furious tea leaves scribble
nothings on the storm

as for the hibiscus
by the roadside,
my horse ate it

the stillness—
soaking into stones
a cicada's cry

clouds' peaks
how many collapsing
moon's mountain

from Mount Atsumi
over to Fuku-ura
evening's cooling

red red
sun unrelentingly
autumn's wind

all night long
hearing autumn's winds
the mountain behind

harvest moon
Hokkuku weather
don't depend on it

in the face of blossoms
are you feeling shy,
hazy moon?

even so long a day
not enough for singing—
that skylark!

heron's cry
stabs the darkness

mountain path—
sun rising
through plum scent

bushes by the roadside.
when you look closer,
blossoming flowers.

the moon still is
though it seems far from home
Suma in summer

on a bare branch
a crow has settled
autumn dusk

white chrysanthemum
catching in one's eye
nary a speck of dust

the village so old
there's not a single house
without a persimmon tree

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