Matching Exercise

Drag items from the left column directly on top of items in the right column.

Using your knowledge of suffixes, pick the one which would create the desired word out of the root.

Drag from this column


Drop into this column

крас-н: somewhat reddish
рассказать: the imperfective
пис: to write
древ: antiquity
крас: the adjective red
герой: heroism
выс: altitude
оруж: arms, weapons
граб-и: robber
граб: robbery
помощ: assistant
мый-: soap (for washing)
чит-ай: reading room
стар: old man
двиг: movement
кот: kitten
борода: having a huge beard
крыло: winged
говор: talkative
зима: wintry
кров: bloody